Will-O-Bell Nursing Home

Bartlett, Texas

Resident: Eula Fay Ivey, 83 yr old female


Ms. Eula Fay Ivey was evaluated for Urinary Incontinence by Continence Care Group in May, 2008 and started her first Tibial Nerve Neuromodulation treatment in June, 2008. By her 5th treatment session, Ms. Ivey reported a drastic improvement in her ability to sleep through the night without episodes of incontinence. She also reported that she was able to travel with the nursing home on a resident outing to a baseball game at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas without experiencing incontinence. Previously, Ms. Ivey rarely ventured out of the nursing home for fear of embarrassement. She stated to numerous members of our staff that Continence Care Group services changed her life. Ms. Ivey’s daughter Susan has also stated that she has been impressed with the improvement her mother has shown and would recommend that the painless treatments be offered to those who suffer from Urinary Incontinence.